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Security Consulting Services

Liability Consultants, Inc. has developed a comprehensive approach for protecting your property and people like no other solution in the industry. It acts as a complete security strategy and is the outcome of our in-depth analysis of your company's or institution's unique security management and liability issues. This customized strategy, called the Crime Management Program, is supported by a cost/benefit analysis to help your organization effectively plan the financial resources needed to undertake the Program and determine return on investment.

In addition, Liability Consultant's program is designed with serious respect for your organization's management and business style. This approach ensures that our recommendations are operationally practical and can be integrated into every critical aspect of your working environment. The Program includes detailed information in the following areas:

  • Solid recommendations for new security policies, management and operations procedures

  • Explicit methods for implementing new policies and procedures

  • Training Programs

  • Experienced vendor recommendations

  • Sample policies and procedures guidelines

The Crime Management Program is based on an expert analysis of these critical areas:

Crime Management Program

  • The collection and analysis of previous crime and security-related problems at your facility

  • Research of crime trends and security issues in businesses similar to yours

Security Program Evaluation

An assessment of 4 major areas of security management practices at your facility:

  • Your organization's liability risks

  • Existing policies and procedures to manage the risks

  • Security equipment and systems

  • CCTV Cameras and Access Control System Evaluation and Design

  • Security personnel qualifications and practices

  • Security personnel qualifications and practices

Hiring and Staff Administration Review

  • Evaluation of pre-employment screening and documenting methods

  • Review of hiring, pre-employment screening, supervision and retention policies and liability

Security Training

  • Customized programs designed to educate security and non-security personnel in the issues unique to your business or institution

  • Regular training updates designed to reinforce skills and implement new procedures

  • Assessment of security-related training for both security and non-security program for issues unique to your organization


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